• Web Design •

Have your website, made for you, with your identity

Business Card WebsiteMost Popular

£ 299

One off payment
  • • A simple website for your customers to find you on Google.
  • • 2 FREE custom e-mail addresses.
  • • 1 year free hosting with the one of the best hosts in the uk with solid state blistering responsive speed.
  • • 1-3 pages.
  • Perfect for starting out in business.
  • • Combine with our social media and logo package to make an impact over your competition.
  • Instagram integration, we have customised this website type so that the gallery of your product or services is automatically updated when you update your instagram so you don’t have to pay us to update your photos, if you don’t have an instagram a static gallery is included.
  • Mobile friendly design guaranteed.
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Mid Range Website

£ 499

  • • Ideal for restaurants or pubs and clubs or for people who want to make more of an impression.
  • Instagram integration or static gallery.
  • 5 pages.
  • • Social media integration for every platform.
  • • If you have finished your first or second year of trading, this is what you should be looking to portray to your customers, growth and reinvention.
  • • One of our most popular website options
  • • Up to 5 custom e-mail addresses for you and your team
  • 1 year free hosting with the one of the best hosts in the uk with solid state blistering responsive speed
  • Mobile friendly design guaranteed
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Dressed To Impress

£ 999

  • • You already own an enterprise scale business with multiple employees.
  • • Your website is out of date and you need it looking like all the best of the best designs out there that your competition will be paying much more for.
  • Instagram or static gallery integration.
  • 10+ custom e-mails for departments, team members and owners.
  • • Up to 10 pages.
  • Mobile friendly design guaranteed.
  • • Combined with a re-brand and social media campaign, you will shadow all others in your business area.
  • Google verification.
  • • Upgrade options at much lower prices.
  • 1 year free hosting with the one of the best hosts in the uk with solid state blistering responsive speed.
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CV Website

£ 200

One off payment
  • • One page only.
  • • Imagine your C.V or your portfolio just sitting on Google for anyone to look at at any time, this is for you, a one time creation unlikely to ever change.
  • • 1 year free hosting with the one of the best hosts in the UK with solid state blistering responsive speed.
  • • 1 custom e-mail address.
  • • Can be built upon if your brand/business starts to grow.
  • • No Instagram gallery integration, static photos only.
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Online Shop Add-OnLooking a E-commerce?

£ 10

  • • Want to sell products from your website?
  • • Add the shop option and we will show you or add your stock to your web page and alter pricing as required, pricing varies on our input but we can offer a hands option from as little as £10pm with some of the lowest transaction rates from one of the world’s safest payment providers.
  • • Ideal for clothing or ever changing produce websites.
  • • Support with any issues or vendor problems.
  • • Security of payments guaranteed.
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• Marketing & Branding •

Promote your brand, social network and be seen by all

Marketing Campaigns

£ 30 - £1000

  • • From as little as £1 per day for one month.
  • • We shrink your audience tactically to only include people who want your product or service.
  • • Our expertise is advertising in this area and results are always evident.
  • • Statistics given month by month gauging how previous campaigns worked or could have worked better for you.
  • • Advertising cross posting to Instagram free of charge.
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Brand DesignMost popular

£ 49.99

  • Simple logo design to several concepts depending on your budget.
  • • Can be used on business cards and stationary or your website.
  • • We won’t quit until you love your logo.
  • • Packages can include, source files, transparency, business card design, flyer design, the possibilities are endless to your budget, we will advise what is most important not the kitchen sink of digital content that breaks the bank.
  • • Facebook profile and cover photo options to match.
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Social Networks

£ 49.99

Single platform per month from
  • 3 posts in an 4/5 day period.
  • • Audience customisation.
  • Free poster/Graphic design/Watermarking on your picture posts
  • • Combine with our marketing packages for the ultimate customer base growth.
  • • No more hitting the boost button and hoping for the best.
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Video productionWants something different?

£ 45

30 Seconds
  • Professionally voiced video with visuals.
  • • Fully branded video in HD 1080p.
  • 5 Days delivery.
  • • 48h pinned to HOS Facebook for free.
  • Free revision.
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Search Optimization

£ 449

Per Month
  • • Web server and on-page analysis.
  • • Keyphrase research and selection.
  • • Meta tags (Title & description).
  • • Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls.
  • • Google Analytics setup.
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